Anna hesitated. This door had never opened to her. Should I? She wondered, already lightly touching the door with her knuckles. She took a deep breath. But right when she was about to knock, a soft voice called from inside.
    „Please come in, Anna.“
startled, Anna opened the door to Elsa‘s room, the door that had never been opened to her before. For a few seconds, she  stood still.
    „Is everything alright?“ Elsa asked as she put down the book she had been reading.
    „Yes.“ Anna replied „I just wanted to ask you something. It‘s okay if you don-“
    „What is it?“ Elsa smiled kindly.
Somehow, Elsa‘s smile made her feel confident enough to ask.
    „Elsa, will you move back into our old room with me? We have so much to catch up on.“

Elsa shut her book.
    „Anna, may I ask you something as well?“
    „Do you want to build a snowman?“


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